Styled mouthwash bottle

The growth of special trademarks in oral care cleaning products has made it difficult to distinguish them from many brands on the shelf. Procter & Gamble realized that the new Scope Outlast formula needed attractive packaging to stand out on the shelf, so when the new Scope Outlast mouthwash was introduced, the company and its partners worked together to develop a new shape of the bottle and cap. The bottle named “Genie” has outstanding attractiveness and can clearly distinguish Scope from other special trademarks and similar products. Another advantage of Scope's new bottle design is that it can significantly reduce the use of packaging materials (20% reduction in PET usage) and improve transport efficiency. Procter & Gamble Company took great risks, fundamentally changed the image brand, and ultimately won the attention of consumers and operating efficiency.

 Plastic golf  tee is a special tool used to hold the tee high when the tee is opened, so that the goal of the batter is more clear.
100 % ball stud using new plastic production processing, non - toxic, tasteless, there are a variety of colors, has a long - lasting, and the role of. Specifications, optional shape, cup-shaped Golf Tee has 36 mm 54 mm 70 mm 83 mm. a variety of colors for guests to choose from.Plastic Golf Tee

Plastic Golf Tee

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