Glass bottle consumption country Switzerland waste disposal method

Switzerland, which is known as the “garden of the world”, is also one of the most economically developed countries in the world. Its machinery and equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, food and financial services are well-developed and technologically advanced. How to achieve both economic development and environmental protection, urban construction and rural development at the same time? The Swiss found a good answer. According to the director of the Swiss Pavilion, Manuel Sarkheli, an important reason for the beautiful environment in Switzerland is that everyone has environmental awareness. For example, “Although glass bottles are a popular packaging material in Switzerland and consume more than 120 glass bottles per person per year, since 96% of old glass bottles are recycled, not only management departments can reduce waste disposal costs, Beverage manufacturers do not need to sell after-sales packaging materials. They can use secondary raw materials to replace imported disposable raw materials.

Sitting around the dining table and enjoying a home-made dinner with family help release your all day long tiredness from work. Choose Taihua, we will make your dining room a better place to stay.


One full set of dining room usually consists of Dining Tables, Wall Units, Dining Chairs, Dining Cabinets/buffets and wine cabinets.


For dining tables and dining chairs, we usually use solid wood or metal for a stronger and more stable structure. Table top material is optional from Melamine, solid wood, marble and glass. We have different options to meet medium to high ends.


For other wooden furniture, we offer as many as 15 wooden colors and different sizes so that clients can fit their room well. Also, we offer size customizing service if the quantity meeting our MOQ. Clients` safety and health is always our priority, thus, we only use E0 standard raw materials. Besides the top quality raw materials, we also use top-quality hardware for more durability and stability, such as Blum, Hettich, Hafele, DTC.

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