The difference between magnetic card, ID card, IC card and barcode card

1. Magnetic card: similar to a bank card, with a black magnetic strip on the reverse side. Generally suitable for single store use. The reverse magnetic stripe only saves the number and does not store anything else, because the uniqueness of the magnetic card number ensures that the card numbers of different users are different. When using a magnetic card to implement member management, the form of membership savings, points, or discounts is implemented by software. The characteristics of this type of card: cheap, ordinary. Disadvantages: Magnetic proximity to strong magnetic fields is easily lost.

2, ID card: similar to a large company to open the door access card. The ID card is a contactless card. The card itself has a coil, and only the card number is read out by a card reader or the like, and the ID card itself does not store other things. According to the thickness of the card, it is divided into: thick card, thin card, thick card. Thick cards can't be printed on the pattern, thin cards can be. Features: The price is moderate, because the inductive card reader does not affect the wear of the card and the machine.

3. IC card: It is divided into a contact IC card similar to a telephone card; a non-contact IC card is also called an M1 card similar to a Shanghai bus card. Contact IC Cards Because the chips are exposed outside, the card itself often comes into contact with the machine and is prone to wear. The non-contact type IC card has high maintainability because the inductive card reader is not in contact with the machine itself. The IC card itself has chips that are divided into different types of cards according to the different capacities of the chips. Generally, there are more 4442 IC cards on the market. According to the quality of the card can also be divided into: Siemens card, Phillips card, Fudan card and so on. This type of card is generally applicable to chain stores, which can store data in real time, so it is possible to consume in the chain store in real time through the card.

4. Bar code card: There is a string of barcodes on the card face, and the card number of the bar code card is read by a scanner or a corresponding bar code reader. According to the different barcodes, it is divided into other codes such as 39 codes. A barcode card is just a number and does not store other content. Features: The price is cheaper like a magnetic card.

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