Fake new nemesis: wine bottle with security device

Liquor traditional anti-counterfeit products are laser anti-counterfeit labels, which are easily counterfeited. The bottle caps and bottles will be recovered by counterfeiters and filled with fake wine. The appearance of the second-packaged counterfeit wine is almost the same as the original real wine packaging. No difference, the purpose of fraud is easy to achieve.

Counterfeit wines threaten consumers' health and damage the interests of regular wineries. Recently, a Jiangsu anti-counterfeiting technology company launched a "bottle security device" on the market, which will effectively suppress the occurrence of "a phenomenon of real wine bottled fake wine" and reduce the behavior of counterfeit wine. The company began to develop bottle security devices in 2004 and achieved breakthroughs. The security device is composed of a watch-hole cover, a force-applying cover, a transmission guide connection body, and a one-way security device. The anti-counterfeit process is: while the wine bottle is opened for the first time, the one-way security device will rotate with the bottle. When the cover is lowered, the bottle locks the bottle neck when the bottleneck is locked. At this time, the security device can no longer be restored. Its width is much larger than the diameter of the bottle mouth, and it cannot be detached from the bottle body. The bottle is thus marked with a used bottle. Imprinting, the bottle loses its value of recycling and the bottle can no longer be used to fill "Kana wine." The entire bottle opening and locking process requires no additional tools and does not affect the preservation of the remaining wine and the collection of wine bottles.

Wine bottle anti-counterfeit device has the advantages of high technology content, safety and non-counterfeiting, etc. It is very effective after being used by liquor production enterprises. To this end, the Jiangsu anti-counterfeiting technology company plans to vigorously promote this security device.

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