Anatomy of the whole wardrobe parts revealed

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See the light side panel: refers to the vertical panel visible in the outer frame of the cabinet.

Side panel: refers to the vertical plate inside the cabinet

Middle side panel: refers to the vertical panel that stands between the top and bottom or the laminate.

Fixed laminate : refers to the horizontal fixed plate inside the cabinet.

Active laminate : Refers to the horizontally adjustable upper and lower panels of the cabinet.

Top plate : A plate used to connect to the side panels.

Foot line : the plate used for supporting the bottom of the cabinet.

Backboard : A panel that is embedded in the side panel and the top panel with a thickness of 9 mm.

L frame: It is installed in the inverted "L" shape in the cabinet, including one L-frame side plate and one fixed layer plate.

Covering door: refers to the part that can be used to cover the internal structure of the cabinet. The door panel is used to install the door panel. Generally, it is the same as the material of the cabinet body, and the four sides are thick. Or cover the frame with a covering material, inserting louvers, veneers, leather or glass in the middle.

False door: A fixed, inactive, door panel that only serves as a decoration or closure.

Cutter : Refers to the plate used to fill the gap between the cabinet and the wall during installation.

Top sealing plate : a plate for the top of the cabinet and for decorating or filling the gap between the ceilings, the plate thickness is 18mm.

Drawer : A component that can move horizontally along the depth direction of the cabinet. It is composed of five parts, which are drawn, drawn, drawn, and bottomed.

Checkered frame: can be placed in a tie, underwear, pantyhose, etc. It consists of pumping, drawing (with rounded corners), pumping, bottoming, and 9mm grid.

Pants rack : can be used to hang pants. It consists of pumping, drawing (with rounded corners), pumping, and pants.

Fashion pumping : consists of pumping and bottoming.

The general structure of the overall wardrobe is just like this. It seems that it is not just as simple as a cabinet. The overall wardrobe is also quite scholastic. Furniture fans remind you that there are many overall wardrobe components, but you must ensure that your wardrobe is long and stylish.

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