Reject mediocrity! 15 single products make the bedroom color change at will

Part1: The soft fabric is fresh and has a good mood

Editor's comment: Cushion, although not like a table, chair, bed or kitchen and bathroom is a necessity of home, but in recent years, it has become an indispensable ornament in home. The cushions occupy their small corners with their own advantages, and they are just right to decorate the home, gradually becoming a fashionable decoration of the home space. The small cloth cushions make the temperament of the whole room gentle and elegant.

With a single product:

Editor's comment: Using exquisite embroidering craftsmanship to outline dignified and beautiful floral patterns, the exquisite edging design around it gives people a flawless visual enjoyment and makes the bedroom exude a spring-like fresh temperament.

Editor's comment: Embroidery craftsmanship has been adopted over a large area, and the proper benefits of every detail have been handled, allowing the seagrass and coral patterns to transition naturally and blend into one.

Editorial comment: The starfish pattern bedding has a natural transition and rich effects.

Editor's comment: The fresh and elegant plant print pattern full of natural atmosphere can easily create a strong rural life atmosphere, with different shades of colors interleaved.

Editor's comment: Vivid water plants are beautiful products bred from nature. The fresh and pleasant image brings unlimited vitality, adding more vitality and natural charm to the home. Light khaki is light and versatile.

Part2: Soft lighting, harmonious and warm home decoration

Editor's comment: In the home, the bedroom is a space where people can get rid of fatigue, recuperate their body and mind, and recuperate. Therefore, the light environment in the bedroom should be warm and comfortable for the purpose of pursuit. The appropriate bedside lamp is often the most brilliant in bedroom lighting.

With a single product:

Editor's comment: European-style modern pastoral simple and creative bedroom bedside table lamp, with excellent shape and beauty, noble and elegant temperament.

Editor's comment: The design combining flowers and lights is beautiful and distinctive. Its translucent texture can bring out a warm atmosphere of semi-darkness, mottled light and shadow in the bedroom, which makes people feel calm and calm.

Editor's comment: The Chinese-style blue and white porcelain bedside lamp with a twisted lotus pattern is uniquely antique, with a modern and simple and generous lampshade to create the best mood.

Editor's comment: Petty bourgeoisie special products, retro fashion, beautiful and beautiful, the perfect combination of neoclassicism and modernism, elegant and warm.

Edit comment: The lighting effect of the bedside lamp should be bright and soft, which can create a warm style. The light of the bedside lamp tends to be soft, mainly to meet people's psychological state at night. The dazzling light will only dispel your drowsiness and make your eyes feel uncomfortable. Generally, the color of the bedside lamp should be warm or neutral, such as goose yellow, orange, milky white, etc.

Part3: The finishing touch of the warm painting bedroom

Editor's comment: Based on the viewing angle, the frameless decorative painting avoids the shortcomings of the glass reflection, the cumbersome frame and the easy deformation of the frame decorative painting. , Excellent workmanship, many core drawing patterns and many other advantages.

With a single product:

Editor's comment: Bright and joyful frameless paintings in the bedroom can bring joy. Flowers and bedroom furniture are combined with related decorations to make the bedroom full of happiness and warmth.

Editorial comment: The colorful frameless painting can form a certain visual impact. If it is a wedding room decoration, choose a frameless painting with red decoration colors to show the happiness of the family.

Editor's comment: Flower frameless painting is a new popular form of decorative painting.

Editor's comment: The modern European-style decoration style is more suitable for the younger generation. The modern abstract painting should be the main content to make the space simple and clear.

Editor's comment: The trend of naturalism has become the main tendency of family design style. Nationalistic style has formed the characteristics of family design. The colorful decorative paintings have broken the stereotyped and stereotyped design style.

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