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Tingquan ppt (Changchun Edition) A Bing (1893 ~ 1950), formerly known as Hua Yanjun, folk musician. Born in the 19th year of Guangxu in Qing Dynasty (August 17, 1893) A Bing was born in Wuxi. A Bing showed a rare musical talent when he was young. When he was 10 years old, his father taught him to simulate the drumming and practice various rhythms in the cold shock stone (later known as the local drummer). At the age of 12, A Bing began to learn to play the flute. His father often asked him to blow against the wind and hang an iron ring on the tail of the flute to enhance his wrist strength. Later, he simply replaced the iron ring with a scale. When he learned erhu, A Bing even more Hard work, the strings were bleed on the strings, and the fingers also pulled out a thick cocoon. The outer strings of Erhu used by A Bing were much thicker than ordinary strings, which was inseparable from his perennial practice. At the age of 17, A Bing formally participated in Taoist music. He had a good talent and a good voice. He was known as "Little Master".

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