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Recently, the world's first global cruise line built specifically for the Chinese people “traveled around the world for 83 days” and was the largest mango online line on the online booking platform for cruise products. After the news was released, it was like a stone that sparked a wave of waves and received a lot of consultation or booking every day. The hotline was always in a busy state.

The world's first global cruise line specially designed for Chinese

150 years ago, traveling around the world was a story in Verne's novel. It was bizarre and bizarre. It was by no means universal. In recent years, there has been a wave of “interval years.” Young people have resigned and backpacks have travelled around the world. However, after all, they need to plan for a long time, and they need to be physically strong and healthy, and no one can be able to make it happen. Today, Costa Cruises of Italy launches the world’s first global cruise route built exclusively for the Chinese—“Travel around the world for 83 days”—the tourists will be carrying 80,000 tons of “Atlantic Ocean” under Costa Cruises. The vessel is expected to depart from Shanghai on March 22, 2014, to cross the three oceans, travel across five continents, visit 16 countries and 23 destinations, and return until June 13. The Global Tour route specifically avoids the domestic destinations for outbound travel. It has chosen Jamaica Georgios, a rare tourist from China, Sicily, Italy, Santorini, Greece, Miami, and other unique cities or islands.

In order to make global travel more family-friendly, the cabin layout of the cruise ship is more family-oriented; taking into account the length of the 83-day cruise tour, two general practitioners are deployed on board; taking care of the Chinese people’s viewing habits, there are at least CCTV and Phoenix on-board CCTV. The video channel and the entire WIFI network are provided; 70% of the cabins are equipped with balconies to allow visitors to enjoy the sea views in order to avoid the risk of unsubscribing and to cooperate with the insurance company to launch cancellation insurance. More importantly, in order to make tourists For an unforgettable cruise experience, Atlantic was unique in designing social technology. It not only reconstructed a cruise community for Chinese tourists, but also prepared a cruise ship exclusive surprise for the 24K Gold Memorial.

Mango.com high-end cruise travel sought after

In January of this year, the China National Tourism Administration announced in Sanya that this year will be designated as the "Ocean Tourism Year," aiming to promote the development of marine tourism resources and allow more Chinese tourists to get close to the sea. As the first global cruise route in China, the launch of “Travel around the world for 83 days” undoubtedly met this theme. According to reports, the “83 Days Around the World” route launched by Mango.com has a range of prices ranging from RMB 11,999 to 2,999,999. It is easy to travel around the world and pay a visit just by buying a bathroom in the metropolitan area. Beautiful scenery. On the same day when the product went online, an entrepreneur booked six seats for himself and his family. Many overseas Chinese also called for an appointment. The plan was to agree that the old classmates scattered around the world would continue to feel like they were on the mail.

Cruise tourism began in the late 18th century and flourished in the 1960s. It is a leisurely, comfortable, and free travel. Although the wave of cruise vacations was pioneered by European nobles, it has gradually developed into one of the most popular holiday resorts in the world. According to statistics from the International Federation of Cruise Line Companies, cruise tourism has been growing at an average annual rate of 8.6% since 1980, which is much higher than the overall development of the tourism industry. In recent years, the affluent Chinese people have become more and more interested in full-fledged imported products - cruise travel. Cruise tourism has entered China for only 7 years, but it has passed the course of nearly a century in Western developed countries. Shanghai, Tianjin, and Sanya have all become regional cruise tourism centers, and China's cruise tourism shows a geometric growth. Since the beginning of this year, high-end cruise lines such as international cruise lines and global cruise lines have also witnessed vigorous development. According to the forecast of the International Tourism Organization, cruise tourism will usher in the peak of growth. In 2013, the growth rate of cruise tourism exceeded 100%.

As one of the leading one-stop online travel supermarkets in China, Mango.com has pioneered the “cruise” channel in the industry as early as 2007. It has become the core agent of major international cruise companies in China. Mango.com covers all the cruise channels. The cruise line is sold from a few hundred dollars on a two-day voyage to several thousand on Asian routes, international routes, and even hundreds of thousands of global routes. The hot-selling of the 83-day route around the world in Mango is a further indication that cruise tourism will usher in a new round of rapid development.

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