The latest trends in EU-US cooperation in science and technology and innovation

The latest developments in EU-US technology and innovation cooperation According to the EU-US technology cooperation agreement, the EU-US Technology and Innovation Cooperation Joint Steering Committee meeting was held on February 12, 2013 in Washington, USA. The meetings were chaired by the Director General of the European Union's Directorate General for R & D and Innovation (SIMTS) and the US Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans, International Environment and Science Affairs (JONES). The meeting discussed in depth the following main topics and specific cooperation methods: First, trans-Atlantic ocean, nautical and Arctic scientific research cooperation: including sustainable governance of the ocean and coastal areas; expanding the potential of the two parties to jointly develop ocean observations; jointly drawing the world seabed Distribution map with marine life; coordination of Arctic scientific research activities, etc. The second is transportation technology research cooperation: including joint research and development of high-speed transportation infrastructure technology; road traffic safety and effective management; joint research on cargo transportation optimization technology; joint development of logistics support technology. The third is health and scientific research cooperation: including the joint development of new drugs and medical technologies for the prevention and treatment of major diseases, such as AIDS, cancer, malaria, and tuberculosis; coordination and joint improvement of the medical level and technological capabilities of developing regions in the world. Fourth, material science research cooperation: including joint research and development of key raw material substitution technologies; joint research on emerging advanced material frontier technologies; joint research on computer simulation technology; strengthening scientific and technological cooperation with Japan in the field of materials science. In the meeting minutes, Europe and the United States agreed to strengthen the important role of science, technology and innovation in developing knowledge accumulation and accelerating technological innovation, promote economic growth and expand employment, and actively help solve the economic and social challenges facing the world, such as health issues, climate Changes and food safety. During the meeting, the EU Directorate General for R & D and Innovation also signed a scientific and technological cooperation agreement with the US Department of Transportation. It aims to further strengthen the R & D and innovation cooperation of the transportation industry of both sides, increase the joint investment of R & D funds in this field by both parties, pay special attention to the emerging cross-disciplinary technology of the rapid development of the transportation industry in recent years, and ensure the world leading level and competition of European and American transportation industry force.

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