Redwood culture and historical traceability

Redwood: It has been deeply cherished by people since the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The mahogany originated in the Ming Dynasty in 1405. Zheng He went to the Western Ocean seven times. Every time he returned to China, he used the mahogany to press the cabin. The carpenters brought back the hard, delicate and well-textured mahogany made of furniture and crafts for the emperors to enjoy. The massive input of redwood and the demise of the dynasty only flowed into the development of the people. "Redwood" does not refer to all red wood, nor is it a kind of wood, but is the collective name for the current domestic mahogany. According to the definition of national standards, its scope is five categories and eight categories. Five genera: red sandalwood, Dalbergia, Diospyros, genus, and Trichoderma. Eight categories: rosewood, black rosewood, red rosewood, fragrant wood, rosewood, ebony, striped ebony and chicken wing wood.

Rosewood: Also known as "Qinglongmu". The red sandalwood, which is a rare treasure, has been hailed as the "king of the wood" by the world. Rosewood grows in the tropical jungle. Because of its unique material, slow growth is a kind of hardwood that grows one inch in a hundred years. It can't be grown for hundreds of years. In addition, the rosewood ten sandalwood has a very low yield, so it is very precious. It has been since ancient times. "Inch sandalwood" said.

Rosewood: Commonly known as “old mahogany”, it is distributed in tropical and subtropical areas. It is known for its sour taste with sour notes: rosewood. The rosewood is divided into two categories: black rosewood and red rosewood. Black rosewood: The heartwood is purple black, deep purple and reddish brown, with black stripes, which are high in price and high in quality. Once polished, it gives a kind of mellow and subtle beauty, which is second only to rosewood. Red rosewood: obvious growth wheel, heartwood orange reddish brown, purple reddish brown, deep purple. The wood is hard and heavy, usually sinking in the water. It has purple-black stripes and mountains and waters. It is the best material for making furniture and handicrafts.

Xiangzhimu: It belongs to the scented rosewood, also known as: Hainan Tan, down fragrant wood, commonly known as: huanghuali, is a rare tree species unique to Hainan, China, this species has basically disappeared. Its wood is hard, the color is not static, the visual sense is very good, the texture is hidden or present, vivid and changeable, and it has the effect of lowering blood pressure and blood fat. The color of huanghua pear is mainly yellow, and this color is woven with dark wood grain into beautiful natural patterns such as grimace, fox, etc., reflecting the golden light and emitting aroma under bright light. The surface of Huanghua Pear is shiny and has a spicy aroma; the structure is fine and uniform, and the corrosion resistance is high; therefore it is very precious.

Rosewood: Its wood grain has "ghost face" and "beaver spot" also known as: "flower raccoon" alias: fragrant mahogany, red sandalwood species are distributed in India, tropical regions of Southeast Asia. Its characteristics are yellowish white to taupe; the core material is light yellowish brown, orange brown, reddish brown to purple brown; the material color is more uniform, the dark color is visible, the texture is rainy, the color is soft, and the weight is light and can float. In the water. Rosewood is currently the main material for mahogany furniture due to its moderate price.

Ebony: A precious tree species with black heartwood in the species of Diospyros, known as the rare wood. Ebony is distributed in tropical and subtropical regions, and ebony wood is customarily divided into: ebony (horned horn); green wood (tea wu) eucalyptus (striped ebony). The growth wheel is not obvious, the heartwood is all black and fragrance-free. The wooden structure is fine and hard as iron, usually sinking in water. There is no big material in ebony, so there are very few large objects, which are mostly used to make chopsticks. Horns: pure black is very brittle; tea black: from the ship, the texture is hard, exudes fragrance, the water sinks side; striped ebony: there are light stripes. In Japan, ebony wood is collectively referred to as: ebony.

Chicken wing wood: The genus Arachis or Trichoderma is the most beautiful wood grain wood. It is produced in the tropical rain forest. Its material is fine, with purple and brown corrugated, thin and floating, like a mountain peak, shaped like chicken wings, hence the name. Its son is called "Acacia Wood". The chicken wing wood has new and old points, the old chicken wing wood texture is dense; the new chicken wing wood is rough and the texture is turbid. The chicken wing wood is hard and has the temperament of ancient times. Chicken wing wood is difficult to process due to impurities such as fine sand and gravel. It is difficult to see the complete set of chicken wing wood furniture on the market.

Elm: In ancient China, the tree was called a tree due to illness. Generally, the local long-term tumors of wood are not unusual, but a few precious woods grow larger, and all the nutrients of the trees are concentrated on the tree tumors. The internal fiber structure of the tree tumors changes to form different beautiful patterns, which we call It is the most famous of the "Yumu".

The above eight categories all belong to the rosewood range. The profile of the mahogany is purple and bright, bright and incomparable, and the pattern is unpredictable, such as ink staining. The surface of the mahogany is polished like a baby's skin. The mahogany is gorgeous, so once the Chinese culture and crafts are spotted, the mahogany will become a treasured treasure. The price is better than gold, and it can be handed down to the world. It is a good gift for gifts and personal use.

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