Old house renovation to create 70 flat American style small fresh

Owner's needs: The comfortable temperature of warm daylight continues to the bright yellow background. The hostess who is engaged in the tour guide career, flies around the world, loves the country style, looks forward to a warm and comfortable space, and pays attention to the complete and perfect life function planning.

Type: Old house renovation

Design style: American country

Area: 75.9 square meters

Designer: She Zimei Design, Zhan Bingyi Designer

Spatial pattern: entrance, living room, bar, study, bedroom *3, bathroom *2 Main building materials: weathered wood, special paint, wallpaper, vintage brick

Entrance design

Entrance design

The shoe cabinet uses white louvers as the door piece, which is not only beautiful in appearance but also breathable. The appearance of the surface of the magnetic tile road, in the porch of the shape of the shoe cabinet, drawer material, has been the characteristics of the country style, through the important elements.

Living room design

Living room design

The TV wall uses a simple and gentle natural stone, accompanied by a peripheral storage plan, giving the living room a beautiful view and a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The long side of the window is planned with a movable coffee table, which is one of the favorite spaces for the family.

Study room design

Study room design

The glass of the straight line replaces the solid wall compartment, and the beam is shattered when the sun shines, which is more beautiful. The white desk and stool look more simple and beautiful.

Home storage

Home storage

The vintage brick decoration combines the storage cabinet, and the colorful colors are in the white cabinet, which is decorated with a lively design. All kinds of retro bricks are used in floors and cabinets, and the sculpt tiles and washed stones have an outdoor rough touch, which turns into a belt that penetrates the compartment wall. A few leisure factors become a natural mood adjustment.

Kitchen design

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