"Three Guarantees" service test furniture store execution ability

Recently, some consumers broke the news that the furniture purchased in a certain furniture city, the delivery goods and the sample color and workmanship are not the same, the quality is poor, but when they want to return, they are told not to do, and finally pay the partial freight to return the success. . The reporter's investigation found that the current market, the inconsistency of goods and samples, delivery delays, etc. have become the main reason for the three-package dispute.

Who sells furniture who "three bags"

Consumer Mr. Li said that in May of this year, a certain brand of furniture was booked at a furniture store, but after the goods were delivered to the home, he found that the color and the sample were obviously inconsistent. Mr. Li said: "The internal work of these furniture is rough and the taste is irritating, and the quality level is much worse than the sample." Mr. Li contacted the brand to request a return, but the other party said that it did not meet the "three guarantees" regulations and refused to return it. Finally, he personally paid the freight and packaging. The fee was returned successfully.

The three-pack is the abbreviation of “repair, replacement, and return”. It is reported that the current "three guarantees" of furniture in the Beijing market is the "Responsibility Regulations for the Repair, Replacement, and Return of Furniture Products in Beijing" issued in 1998 (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), which clarifies the "three guarantees" calculation of furniture. Time: "(Product) has serious quality problems within 90 days from the date of delivery. Consumers can choose to return, exchange or repair. The return should be refunded at the original purchase price once; within 180 days from the date of delivery. In the event of serious quality problems, consumers can choose to exchange or repair.” In the Beijing furniture sales contract issued in 2009, the seller and the market organizer were required to make strict “three guarantees” according to the actual situation of furniture sales. The stated promise.

When the reporter visited the market, he found that most of the furniture sellers in the market currently have “three guarantees” awareness or services, but the service commitments are not the same. The reporter randomly surveyed several consumers. These consumers all said that they did not know what the Three Guarantees regulations were before purchasing furniture. They did not know if they did not introduce them at the time of purchase.

Yu Xiusu, vice president and secretary general of the Beijing Furniture Industry Association, said: "The "Regulations" are formulated in accordance with the "Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Product Quality in Beijing" and other regulations. According to the principle of who sells furniture products and who is responsible for the three guarantees, The seller or market organizer is the primary responsible person and the producer shall assist in the performance."

"Three Guarantees" service tests the ability of the store

The reporter learned that the repair, replacement, return and other issues of furniture, basically appear in the after-sales link. According to reports, due to the three-package problem, there are generally several situations: the difference between the delivered goods and the sample or the quality problem, the consumer wants to return, and the merchant is only responsible for the repair; the quality of the product, the attitude of the after-sales service Poor, take a procrastination, perfunctory attitude, not timely repair or exchange; customized products or samples can not be returned or exchanged.

Yan Fang, senior manager of customer service of Boloni Household Products (Beijing) Co., Ltd. told reporters that the "Regulations" are general regulations for all furniture products, and the standards are relatively low. In actual situations, there are very few "severe quality problems" in furniture products. . In the actual repair, return and exchange requirements, mostly due to customer dislike, product delivery delays and improper use caused by quality problems. She said: "Boloni has its own regulations for the product three packs according to the requirements of the "Regulations" and industry standards. The three-pack period is three years." Wang Jianguo, general manager of the Federal Home Beijing Company, also said: "The Regulations are policy decrees. When the consumer's own rights cannot be maintained, they will think of using these coercive measures. In the actual situation, the merchants will always negotiate as much as possible in the principle of doing business, communicate with the customer to take responsibility, and the freight and materials fees will be negotiated. Even businesses will suffer losses to satisfy consumers."

Wang Ningning, deputy manager of the business management department of the Real Estate Group, said that whether the three guarantees of furniture can be implemented smoothly depends on the commitment of the producers and sellers, and on the other hand, the management level of the stores. He said: "If there is a problem with the quality of the product, the merchant is not responsible. The consumer naturally finds the management of the store management. If the store management standard can be used, the merchant can be forced to perform the responsibility by collecting the deposit and signing the contract with the merchant; if the store management is not standardized It can only be coordinated in the middle, and it will not be substantive."

Typical scene

Question 1 The seller is not responsible for the three bags

Time: July 7, 2013

Venue: Tongxia Xiaoying Building Materials City Furniture Hall Europe and the United States solid wood furniture booth

Reporter: Is your bed repair package refunded?

Seller: One year repair.

Reporter: Is the mattress also?

Seller: Our family does not produce mattresses. This mattress is an agent. If you want three bags, you need to add more money.

Reporter: Does the mattress have a three-pack policy?

Seller: Yes, but I don't care, if there is a problem, find a manufacturer.

Reporter: But this is bought from you.

Seller: I can't manage this.

Comments: According to the principle of who sells products who are responsible for the three guarantees, the seller and the market organizer are the primary responsible persons.

Question 2 No three packs of samples

Time: July 7, 2013

Venue: Jingchang Huilongguan Furniture Building Materials City Service Desk

Reporter: I just saw the side stalls selling and processing furniture. Is this package repaired?

Staff: No matter what, I can't buy it, I don't change it, I want to buy it again.

Reporter: If there is a problem with the furniture bought, is it for you to solve it?

Staff: Looking for a business, can't find us again.

Reporter: Does my furniture contract need to be stamped here?

Staff: No need, if you have any questions, you can come back to us.

Comments: Building Materials City Service Desk clearly stipulates that the furniture contract must be stamped with the store contract certification chapter. In practice, some stores have poor implementation.

Question 3 can only be repaired and not returned

Time: July 7, 2013

Venue: Jingchang Huilongguan Furniture Building Materials City Jinyi Furniture Store

Reporter: Is there a three-pack policy for this table?

Clerk: One year warranty.

Reporter: How to guarantee?

Clerk: If there is a quality problem, the staff will take the tools to repair the door.

Reporter: If there is a problem with the goods delivered, can I return the goods?

Clerk: That can't be done, our factory is in Guangzhou, the cost of return or replacement is very high, if there is any problem, we provide home repair service. The quality of this furniture will not be a problem.

Comments: Lawyers pointed out that "replacement by repair" is an act of shirking responsibility. If the regulations are in place, consumers have the right to request a return.


customized product

Also "three guarantees"

Qiu Baochang, Director of the Consumer Rights Legal Affairs Committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association

When consumers buy furniture, they must sign a sales contract with the merchant. According to the contents of the "Beijing Furniture Sales Contract" formulated by the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce, the problem of three bags of furniture should be handled in accordance with the "Regulations on the Repair, Replacement and Return of Furniture Products in Beijing". Even if there is no detailed agreement in the contract, the provisions of the Product Quality Law and the Consumer Protection Law also stipulate the product quality of general consumer goods. Consumers can rely on different provisions to protect their rights and interests according to their own circumstances.

Customized products and samples must implement the Three Guarantees policy. Furniture is not a uniform specification product. Most of the furniture in the market, such as doors and cabinets, need to be customized according to the living environment. According to the relevant regulations, the sample or the fixed product is also within the scope of the Three Guarantees. However, if the consumer knows the flaws and quality levels of the product, agreeing and accepting the agreement without the guarantee of three guarantees should be another matter.

According to the "Beijing Furniture Product Repair, Replacement, Return Responsibility Regulations", the product has quality problems within the period of replaceable and returnable. The merchant should not shirk responsibility by "repairing and replacing", which is to relieve responsibility. For the perfunctory of consumers, consumers have the right to request replacement or return.

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