Food raw material packaging with two-dimensional code tracking

Yesterday afternoon, the A-level Safeguards Recipes Tasting Ceremony for the Dalian Games Division of the National Games was held at the Zhongshan Hotel. Experts and guests attending the event scrutinized the quality, nutrition, flavor, and taste of the food.

The reporter learned from the recipes provided by Zhongshan Hotel that breakfast included 10 cold and hot dishes, 5 steamed products and 6 vegetable salads. Chinese food and dinner included 8 cold dishes, 12 hot dishes and steamed products. 5, 6 vegetable salads. Relevant person in charge of the hotel told the reporter that according to the A-grade catering standard, all the raw materials of the dishes were fixed-point purchases and were rigorously tested by various functional departments. A two-dimensional code is provided on the packaging of raw materials to track its running route throughout the process to ensure that its quality is intact.

It is understood that the National Games meal standards are divided into three levels, A-class meals for athletes and coaches, B-class meal supply referees and technical officials, C-class meals are provided to volunteers, security and other staff. For the National Games feeding work, the most important thing is safety and nutrition, and on this basis, we must also have good color and aroma.

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