It ’s more interesting to replace the bedside table with a hundred yuan small things.

In addition to the bedside table, the wall space is also a part of the bedside space. The small desktop with a floating design is not only practical, but also has an unconventional feeling. This height is just enough to put a cushion underneath, the drawer can put the book that you read before going to bed, and it is also very good as a temporary office.

Recommended products: rectangular wall shelf

Price: 88 yuan / set

Trapezoidal bedside hanging basket is a good tool for storage by the bed. The height of the trapezoidal bedside table can make maximum use of the free space beside the bed; some small furnishings or pillow books can be placed on the top, which can also add wildness to the bedroom.

Recommended products: simple rattan straw storage basket

Price: 68 yuan

When there is enough space at the end of the bed to store furniture, the bedside table can be replaced with a simple storage style. The design of the upper and lower floors can put some small items well. The movable storage cabinet at the end of the bed not only takes up space, but can be moved at will.

Recommended products: Bamboo solid wood bench

Price: 48 yuan

This small flower stand can also be placed on both sides of the bed, and can be placed on newspapers and periodicals, as well as small items such as glasses and pens. The flower stand is made of iron or solid wood. It can make use of multiple layers of space.

Recommended products: white floor four-layer flower stand

Price: 146 yuan

The bedside is only equipped with a simple small partition. Most people will find it monotonous, so it can be combined with the wall lamp to make an overall design. Books and alarm clocks can be displayed one by one. The small lamp design under the shelf is also very cute.

Recommended products: shelf shelf

Price: 40 yuan

The L-shaped storage compartment can well serve as a tabletop and a bookshelf. Different internal spaces can be used to place different types of items. Compared with the volume of the bedside table, it is almost insignificant.

Recommended products: L-shaped storage compartment

Price: 70 yuan

It is not uncommon to use a storage box to place bedside items beside the bed, but this homeowner has painted the legs of his box, which is far enough to be fake and fun!

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