Industrial lens distortion objective

There are several major categories of industrial camera lenses, one of which is the telecentric objective lens. Here's a brief introduction:
A distorted objective lens can introduce a predetermined distortion in its image. When the objective lens has a large negative distortion, it can actually shoot an object space whose angular field of view exceeds 180°. This kind of objective lens is used for aerospace research and gas image measurement.
In 1930, Yoshiya first successfully realized the distortion objective with a 180° angular field of view and a 1:22 relative aperture. The distortion objective can be made in accordance with the light path diagram of the anti-distance objective lens. The first group consists of one or two lenses and causes great distortion. The second lens group is used to correct aberrations so as to obtain a clear image.

In order to develop an ultra-wide-angle objective lens, the influence of the fourth-order cosine of the field angle is the biggest obstacle. However, due to the negative distortion, the beam collapses on the edge of the image field, so that the actual optical density at the edge of the image field is not lower than the center of the field of view.

Silicone Straw

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